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Many of our delicious beers are brewed on a regular basis. We also have a revolving selection of seasonal, barrel-aged, and cask beers for your drinking pleasure.
Atlantic City Gold

Lager-like mild malt flavor with low bitterness and hop flavor. A cold fermentation makes this a smooth and easy drinking German-style ale.


4.4% ABV

Rock Chuck Rye

Rye, pilsner, Munich and chocolate malts combine to make a slightly cocoa and toasted ruby red brew, yet light with a smooth dry finish.


5.6% ABV

Half-Tanked Hefe
Wheat based German ale with distinctive banana and clove-like yeast flavors from a traditional German brewing monastery. Minimum bitterness and no hop flavors.


5.4% ABV

Jack Mormon Pale

Generous amounts of American hops give this Pale a crisp, citrusy bitterness and a strong dry-hopped aroma. Finishes dry with soft malt flavors.


5.5% ABV

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